林风眠(1900年-1991年),广东省梅县人。1918年参加政府赞助赴法勤工俭学。先在弟戎美术学校进修西洋画,后转入巴黎国立高等美术学校深造。在学校里所受的教育是学院派的,但在校外深受当时流行的现代流派影响,如后印象主义、野兽主义及原始主义,其中又以马蒂斯、莫迪格瑞安尼为甚。他们的影响体现于林风眠中西结合的画风之中。其作品曾入选法国秋季沙龙。林风眠于1925年返国,被聘为北平国立艺专校长。后受蔡元培之邀,赴杭州创建杭州艺专并任校长。经常撰文宣传中西艺术结合的创作经验和理论。1977年移居香港,仍孜孜不倦地从事艺术创作直至晚年。曾任上海美术家协会主席,上海中国画院画师,为上海乃至全国的美术事业做出了巨大的贡献。赴港前将其在上海时创作的105幅作品存放于上海中国画院,不久又将这批存画全部捐献国家。他以独立特行的美术天赋,勇猛精进的求索精神,深入体悟西方美术的精髓,西为中用,万法归一,以其开拓革新的精神,开创了迥异于古人他人、令人耳目一新的崭新画风。成为融汇中西、凸显民族精神的杰出美术家。无论世人的审美有何差异,而林风眠是公认的20世纪不可或缺的美术大师,则是不争的事实。他是享有国际声望的画家之一,我国当代美术的宗师,现代美术教育的奠基者之一。 ^_^   Lin Fengmian (1900-1991), born in Mei County of Guangdong Province, went to France in 1918 with a work-study program sponsored by the government. He first received further education of western paintings at Dijon School of Fine Arts and later moved to take more advanced courses at Paris National College of Fine Arts. What he studied at school was academism, yet he was deeply influenced by the then popular modernism, including post-impressionism, beastism and primitivism, especially by Matisse and Modigliani. Their influences are reflected in the Lin Fengmian’s style of integrating Chinese and western paintings. His works were once selected in France Autumn Salon. Lin Fengmian returned back motherland in 1925 and was employed as the headmaster of National School of Fine Arts of Peiping. Later, upon invitation of Cai Yuanpei, he went to Hangzhou to establish Hangzhou School of Fine Arts and acted as the headmaster. He often wrote articles to promote his innovation experience and theory integrating Chinese and western arts. In 1977, he moved to Hong Kong and persevered to work on arts innovations until his later age. He once acted as the president of Shanghai Artists Association and an artist of Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute, making great contributions for the fine arts cause of Shanghai and China. Prior to leave for Hong Kong, he stored 105 pieces of painting made during his stay in Shanghai at Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute, and soon donated all of them to the Nation. Upon his independent endowment of fine arts and bold, pioneering spirit, he has deep understanding of the essence of western fine arts, drawn good practices of western arts in a unified way. Upon his innovative and enterprising spirit, he has created a brand-new painting style distinct from ancient and other contemporary artists, refreshing people’s mind. He has become an outstanding artist integrating Chinese and western arts and make prominent national spirit. Irrespective of any aesthetic difference among people, it’s an indisputable truth that Lin Fengmian is a publicly-recognized and indispensable master of fine arts in the 20th century. He is one of the artists enjoying international popularity, a great master of China’s contemporary arts and one of the founders of modern arts education. founders of modern arts education.