现代(一九二四年生)安徽省合肥人。1939年参加抗日队伍。1941年进入淮南艺专美术系不习。50年代起专攻中国画,擅长人物、山水,提出“中国画有规律而无定法”之说,主张中国画的去向应继承传统,面向生活,融会外国绘画艺术之精华,促进中国绘画艺术的发展。其作品既有坚实的传统基础,又有鲜明的风格和独创性,被誉为当今中国画坛最具影响和创造潜力的画家之一。其作品在多国展出,并受到好评。美国大都会博物馆、日本名古屋博物馆、牙买加国立博物馆、瑞典东方博物馆、香港大会堂、北京中南海、中国美术馆等都收藏有他的作品。曾出版有《亚明作品集》(日本、1987年)、《笔墨丹青写豪情——记国画家亚明》(安徽省文化厅、1990年)等。作品也多为海内外企业与个人收藏。曾任江苏省国画院副院长。中国文联委员、中国美协常务理事、美协江苏分会主席、南京大学教授。 ^_^ Ya Ming (1924-2002) Ya Ming, originally name Ye Jiabin, born in 1924, is a native of Hefei in Anhui province. In 1941, he admitted to Huainan Arts College. He engaged himself in various art activities after 1949. Ya Ming first engaged in woodblock printing, comic strips and illustrations. He then devoted himself in figure and landscape paintings. His landscape is noted for its strong composition and vigorous brush work that convey a sense of he roic vigour. He is also fond of using traditional landscape painting techniques to depict modern subjects such as machinery, factories and light-towers. He travelled ex ten sive ly to seek in spi ra tion for his painting. He travelled around the China, Vietnam, Japan, and United States etc. Besides, in 1953 he had visited the Russia where he got the opportunities to view Western paintings. Ya Ming was the leader of the Chinese painter group that visited Pakistan in 1978. He participated in the organization of Painting Institute of Jaingsu in 1957, and later became Deputy Director of the Institute. In 1980, he was appointed the Director of the Jiangsu Artists' Association. He had been the executive member of the Chinese Artists' Association and the Chair of its Jiangsu branch.