Han Meilin (Born 1936) Born in 1936 in Shandong, Han Meilin graduated from the Central Institute of Arts and Crafts at age 24. He mainly employed figures and animals as subjects matter. The design of China International Airline's phoenix logo is one of Han's famous pieces, as well as the design of year of the Pig stamp in 1983, and four Panda stamps in 1985 for China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He was selected as committee member of Chinese Artists' Association in 1979. One year later, Han began his solo exhibitions in 21 cities in the United States, including New York and Boston. He was given the key to the city of San Diego as an honorary citizen. Manhattan, New York, declared October 1, 1980 as "Han Meilin Day." During his stay in the United States, he was also invited to give lectures at Harvard and Yale University. In 1983, the United Nations selected six of his works as designs for Christmas cards. Since 1979, he held art exhibitions in various countries including Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Boston, Canada, Singapore, and France.